RPA-C Features

RPA-C is a combustion analysis tool used in the automotive industry to design airbag inflators and micro gas generators. It can also be used as a general-purpose code for combustion analysis of propellants and pyrotechnics mixtures.

The software is capable of:

Feature RPA-C v.2.x
Robust, proven and industry-accepted Gibbs free energy minimization approach to obtain the combustion composition and thermpdynamic properties
Calculation of properties of initial mixture:
  • density
  • exploded formula
  • equivalence ratio
  • oxygen balance
Calculation of combustion properties:
  • properties of whole mixture with possible condensed fraction
  • properties of gas mixture only
Obtaining the combustion products
Calculation of Heat of Explosion (HEX):
  • Exact method
  • Inert diluent (Ar) method
Automatic adjustment of HEX solver in case of failure of exact calculation:
  • Interpolation of results obtained using Exact Method to get the result around the point of failure
  • Omitting products from reaction in Inert diluent method
Scripting module to solve user's own problems, extending standard capabilities of the program
Scilab plugin to solve user's own problems, extending standard capabilities of the program
Expandable thermodynamic data library mainly based on NASA Glenn thermodynamic database includes data for numerous combustion product species, as well as data for such propellant components
Built-in species database editor: the users can incorporate into the thermodynamic data library his/her own chemical species, or species obtained from third parties
Tool for importing components from PROPEP or NASA CEA2 species databases
Multi-platform graphical user interface for Microsoft® Windows™ and Linux
Results output in SI or U.S. customary units
Supported units for input data:
  • pressure: MPa, Pa, atm, bar, psia, kg/cm2
  • mass flux: kg/(m2·s), lbm/(ft2·s)
  • temperature: K, R, C, F
Output of results to Plain Text or HTML format
Output of results to PDF or ODF format
Printing results of analysis

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