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Technical support

We provide several levels of technical support for all of our products including:

  • Email Support
  • In order to receive the fastest technical support, please provide the folowing information:
    • your contact information
    • support type: basic (free for all users), standard (free for registered users), or premium (available upon subscription)
    • product info: name, version, and serial number
    • detailed description of the issue
  • Technical Blog

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Technical assistance

We support you through the development stage of your engineering or research projects, providing assistance in

  • configuration of complex cases like thrust chamber cooling analysis, engine cycle power balance analysis, etc.
  • development of custom extension using Scripting API or SDK
  • modeling and simulation in the field of rocket propulsion systems according to your requirements and specifications

We can intervene remotely or onsite. This service is particularly suitable for emergency situations or when a sudden workload puts at risk your project deadline.

Technical assistance is available as part of Premium Support, or may be provided separately upon your request.


Upon your request, we can deliver special versions of our products to expand their capabilities:

  • Product Enhancements
  • If our current product offerings do not satisfy your specific requirements, we can modify existing functionality or custom build entirely new functionality.
  • Software Porting
  • We can port our products to currently unsupported operating systems or languages.
  • Custom Integration
  • If you want to use specific features from our products into your current architecture (e.g. in-house software), we can provide professional integration support services to assist you.
As a general rule, we reserve all intellectual property rights for custom work, keeping the right to commercialize any such modifications in any way we choose.

Alternatives to customization

We understand that our professional development services may not be a good fit for your particular situation and requirements. The following options are available for projects that fall outside of the scope of our custom development services:

  • Technical Support
  • We provide several levels of technical support including free email support, which can help you through obstacles in many situations.
  • Feature Requests
  • If there are features that you think would make valuable additions to any of our products, please submit a feature request. Your feedback is very important to us and one of the primary drivers behind our product development. While we can't guarantee that your specific request will be implemented, we will definitely evaluate it carefully and assign a priority based on its appeal to our full user base.

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